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A Properly Structured Page Influences Google Rankings

We give you everything you need to know or will consult you about what you may already know and give you our advice on why your local business website needs to be optimized. We operate Rebel Ape Marketing from our hub from Ogden, Utah but SEO can be and should be applied to your business no matter what state you operate from. It is essential to drive your local ranking above your competitors so you have the first chance to be contacted by potential customers.

Technical Factors Help You Rank

If you think about it, the majority of the population owns a smartphone or sits at a computer for their job. At some point during the day, people are making some type of search on the internet. Search engines are great because they provide targeted traffic to your website. It makes growing a business easier, because the people visiting your site are actually looking for what you can offer them. However, you must be found online before you can benefit from this. The only way for search engines to get traffic to your website is if the search engine can find your website. This is done with Search Engine Optimization.

Optimizing your website for search engines does come with costs. Some people think that they can just do SEO themselves, and they are correct. The basics of SEO can be accomplished on your own if you are willing to put in the time and study the ever-changing rules of Google and understanding what is known about their algorithm. In fact, this website gives you a ton of free information about how to do this on your own!

Hiring someone who has optimized many sites and knows what Google and other search engines are looking for can get you results much faster. It comes down to asking yourself just how much your time is worth. To cover the expense of hiring a knowledgeable SEO agent to build your ranks, how many hours would you need to work to cover that? Now that you have your numbers, is it justifiable to spend that time studying and testing different techniques until you find something that might rank a keyword on your website or just hire someone to do it for you?

Website Audit

Before we begin work on any website we begin with a website audit. This gives us key information on what your website currently ranks for, site health, and where it needs improvement.

Keyword Research

We research the keywords we intend to target and find out variants, synonyms, and search volumes before we we implement it into an SEO campaign for maximum reach and focused traffic.


Backlinking still remains an important part of SEO. Getting quality backlinks takes time, patience, and a lot of outreach. We don't use PBN's which can damage your website authority quickly.

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